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How Much Further Could Record Low Mortgage Rates Fall?

Mortgage rates this week shattered a new record, falling to 2.81%—the lowest rate on the books, according to Freddie Mac’s Primary Market Survey. 

We haven’t seen rates north of 3% on 30-year fixed mortgages since July 30, and they seem to have no bottom. As the economy continues to look shaky amid stalled stimulus talks, rising unemployment claims and lack of an approved coronavirus vaccine, many wonder how this will impact mortgage rates in the near-term and into 2021. 

Generation Z’s Homebuying Behaviors

Those born after 1996 are entering the years in which many Americans begin shopping for homes, and despite the economic turmoil created by COVID-19, this Generation Z is beginning to buy, according to a LendingTree study that examines the most popular destinations for...

Largest Annual Home Price Growth Since 2018

Home prices during August recorded a 5.9% increase from one year earlier, according to CoreLogic’s latest Home Price Index (HPI) data report. This represents the highest annual growth on the HPI since June 2018.

Hurricane Laura

In September, 2020 after Hurricane Laura hit Lake Charles, Louisiana as a Category 4 Hurricane causing the worst damage in history in both Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes, many people from all over flocked to help the devastated area and it’s people.

6 mortgage and real estate trends for the third quarter of 2020

Trend 1: Home prices are holding up
Trend 2: Americans are migrating to the suburbs — at least for now
Trend 3: Record-low rates are here to stay
Trend 4: Home shopping is going virtual
Trend 5: The mortgage process is going paperless
Trend 6: Millennials are entering their prime home-buying years