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Protecting your most valued asset from fraudulent claims against ownership is the primary purpose of a title insurance policy. Mis-indexed liens, undisclosed heirs and boundary line disputes are just some of the scenarios in which title insurance provides a benefit. Security Title takes pride in the fact that we have helped real estate buyers through the real estate transaction process for more than 70 years. It’s your investment and it’s your choice which title agent issues the policy. Contact your real estate agent and insist on a title agent appointed by The Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore.

Security Title offers a network of highly-qualified and vetted title agents so you can enjoy a hassle-free, competitive advantage in the market. In order to be the preeminent partner for you, we make sure to appoint the best and most qualified agents to our network.

To find a title agent, use the map below to contact a Security Title representative in your area that will be happy to assist you. Guaranteed!