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How do I find a Security Title agent in my area?

The Security Title network of agents spans across 14 states and the District of Columbia. Click on the link below to reach a Security Title representative who will gladly find the perfect local title agent to handle your transaction.

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My clients cannot be present at the scheduled closing date. What are the alternatives to postponement? Who should I contact?

There are several alternatives to postponing a closing. The alternatives are all generally better than canceling a scheduled settlement; after all it was hard enough to get everyone together in the first place. If you have a seller who will not be available at settlement, contact the closing agent as soon as possible. The closing agent can prepare the necessary seller documents and/or a power of attorney for the individual who will not be available.

Remember it will be necessary to have a closing representative at settlement. Also, the closing agent will need instructions as to where the proceed funds, if any, should be sent. If you have a buyer who will not be available for settlement the first call should be to the lender, if one is involved in the transaction. Some lenders will not allow the use of a buyer’s power of attorney. If the lender agrees to the use of a power of attorney, the closing agent will assist in the preparation of the document. If your client happens to be a trustee, personal representative or other agent, the power of attorney will not be an option for avoiding a delay, however an alternative settlement arrangement can be made by use of the mail and overnight services. Contact your closing agent as soon as possible. They are familiar with other alternatives to close your transaction in a timely fashion.

The title search uncovered a title problem. Is the deal “dead?”

Not usually, but it may require everyone’s cooperation to resolve it. There are very few title issues that cannot be corrected, however some of the problems are beyond the control of the closing agent (i.e. a needed court order or a prior release issue). The best thing a real estate professional can do when a title issue is discovered is to get an explanation as to what is wrong and what needs to be done to correct it. Keeping yourself and your client informed will generally keep the transaction moving forward.

My client is a business entity. Does that require additional documentation prior to settlement?

Yes. To expedite the process of closing, the business entity should provide copies of the Articles of Incorporation or Organization, by-laws or operating agreements, ALL amendments to all agreements, a certificate of good standing from the Department of Assessments or Secretary of State (if available) and the authorization of the entity to proceed with the transaction (i.e. borrowing resolution or other corporate resolution authorizing the agent to act).