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What is eSecurityConnect?

eSecurityConnect is a user-friendly business support platform that is available online to our agents to allow them to generate closing protection letters (CPLs), commitments and policy jackets.

eSecurityConnect also allows an agent to electronically report (eReport) the liability that Security Title will be assuming when a Security Title policy is issued. In addition, the system allows agents to upload policies, saving time and costs associated with copying and mailing documents. The agent can check status, review, change, or track any file entered into the agents eSecurityConnect portal.

eSecurityConnect has a quote calculator built in along with a Policy Plant which houses all Security Title policies issued by an agent. This is available to all ST agents. If agents are using software platforms such as Landtech, Qualia, Softpro, TrackPro or Title Fusion/Accutitle, eSecurityConnect will integrate with these programs to provide an agent with top notch efficiency.