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Dangerous Title Search Practices To Avoid

The title search and examination are complicated processes that require a keen eye for detail. Lots of records are searched that aren’t just related to real estate documents. Tax records, judgment liens, pending lawsuits, and bankruptcy filings must all be found and carefully reviewed in order to understand what sort of impact they may have on the title holder’s right to use and possess the property.

A.M. BEST: Blockchain Not a Replacement for Title Insurance

Blockchain will support not replace the title insurance industry, A.M. Best concluded in a new report.According to the report, technology can improve the process of digitizing digital records and transactions, however, it does not remove the need for title insurance, A.M. Best concluded.

Refinance Sours Up 39% as Rates Decline

Borrowers have apparently been paying attention. The 22-basis point drop in mortgage rates per Freddie Mac, the largest one-week decline in more than 10 years, triggered a surge in mortgage applications last week, especially for refinancing.

Cities in the Crosshairs – Is a Housing Crisis Ahead ?

Many American cities may be in danger of a housing crisis, according to a study from GOBankingRates. Using data from Zillow and the Census Bureau’s 2017 American Community Survey, GOBankingRates compiled a list of 175 largest U.S. cities by the number of households, and examined the percentage of homes with mortgage with negative equity, mortgage delinquency rate, homeowner vacancy rate, rental vacancy rate, and foreclosure rates to determine which cities may be the closest to a housing crisis.