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Here at Security Title our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) here in the States and around the world.

At Security Title nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our employees and our agents/partners. As such, we have implemented our business continuity plan which will allow us to maintain the health of our employees and agents/ partners as well as continue our exemplary service to our customers. This includes social distancing, use of home offices and technology. Our service is, and will remain, fully operational. While you may not see us within your offices as frequently as you are used to this does not mean we are not there for you. We will continue to work towards maintaining the business of closing and insuring real estate transactions as safely and effectively as possible.

As this is an unprecedented event and extremely fluid situation we will continue to monitor events and will update as needed. Should you have any specific questions of comments please contact your local representative. By working together we will get through these trying times. Stay safe.

Alabama – Sean Culhane, Esq. 601-996-3593  sculhane@esecuritytitle.com

Arkansas – Brian Rogers, Esq. 410-727-4456 brogers@esecuritytitle.com

Delaware – Dave Toomey 302-278-8133 dtoomey@esecuritytitle.com

District of Columbia – Brian Rogers, Esq. 410-727-4456 brogers@esecuritytitle.com

Kentucky – Brian Rogers, Esq. 410-727-4456 brogers@esecuritytitle.com

Louisiana– Michelle Petersen  225-284-0550 mpetersen@esecuritytitle.com

Maryland – Sarah Whitby 443-362-0711  swhitby@esecuritytitle.com

Susan D’Andelet 443-525-4081 sdandelet@esecuritytitle.com

Mississippi – Roy J. Perilloux, Esq. 601-316-9316 rperilloux@esecuritytitle.com

Jerry Farley 901-634-6273 jfarley@esecuritytitle.com

New Jersey – Amy Holder, CTP 908-963-2367 aholder@esecuritytitle.com

New York – Joe DePietro 917-951-5835 jdepietro@esecuritytitle.com

John Sullivan 917-733-0845 jsullivan@esecuritytitle.com

Maria White 516-659-5743 maria@intitles.com

Pennsylvania – Dave Dwyer 215-370-8363 ddwyer@esecuritytitle.com

South Carolina – Darcy Templeton, Esq. 803-413-4023 dtempleton@esecuritytitle.com

Tennessee – Sean Culhane, Esq. 601-996-3593 sculhane@esecuritytitle.com