Marketing Compliance in the Title Insurance Industry – Episode 2: Hosting a Live Event pt. 1

Nov 8, 2023

Vincent Danzi, VP of Operations for The Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore, continues our series about marketing compliance in the title insurance industry. This is part 1 of 2 on this topic.

Live events play a critical role in the title insurance world for 2 reasons. Face-to-face interaction is supremely important to maintaining relationships and the perception of being an industry expert is equally important. The harsh reality is that both of those elements are very consuming of time, effort and resources. It leads to a longer sales cycle and some people look to gain an unfair advantage to earn business.

We’re going to cover safe harbors for the 2 event categories in regulation 208: events that are open to the general public and events that are invitation only. Each one has unique criteria that needs to be followed or risk being fined.

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