June 2023 Webinar – What We Learned at the 2023 ALTA Advocacy Summit

Jun 26, 2023

Ted Rogers, President of The Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore and Toni Carroll, South Carolina State Manager and Chief Training Officer attended the ALTA Advocacy Summit last month and will be providing an update on what we learned about the housing market, Fannie and Freddie’s efforts for an alternative to Title Insurance and the Secure Notarization Act.

If an issue or topic involves title professionals and influences federal legislators, regulators and public policy, you’ll hear about it at ALTA Advocacy Summit. And this year, we were back on Capitol Hill to help advance policies that affect American property rights. We look forward to sharing what we learned.

Thank you for watching and please contact Toni if you have any additional questions on this topic: tcarroll@esecuritytitle.com

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