July Webinar – RynohLive: Account Management & Fraud Protection Software for Title & Escrow

Jul 21, 2023

Would your company like to upgrade your software systems?

Have you not found a product that has enough features or the right features to justify the cost?

RynohLive allows title insurance underwriters, lenders, and regulators to:

– Monitor the agent’s escrow accounts continuously and ensure they are fully audited

– Automatically receive fully analyzed agent reconciliations

– Utilize RynohLive’s anti-fraud algorithms to detect potential problems

– Access the agent’s accounts remotely to review

– Minimize financial losses due to fraud and agent defalcation

– Reduce personnel, audit, and travel costs

– Improve business practices and increase profitability

– Structure permissions and responsibilities to match corporate responsibilities

– Ensure regulatory compliance

To get in touch with Matthew Reass, e-mail at matthew.reass@rynoh.com.

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