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The title search and examination are complicated processes that require a keen eye for detail. Lots of records are searched that aren’t just related to real estate documents. Tax records, judgment liens, pending lawsuits, and bankruptcy filings must all be found and carefully reviewed in order to understand what sort of impact they may have on the title holder’s right to use and possess the property.

Title agents and agent-attorneys who rely on the work of outsourced or in-house staff for a Title Commitment need to be aware of how cutting corners during this crucial process affects their business and relationships with their underwriters, lenders, consumers, and other real estate professionals.

Even if you’re getting preliminary Title Commitments straight from your underwriter, it’s important to know what should be avoided before you issue a final policy. In order to issue the highest caliber of title insurance that protects lenders and homeowners, be sure that those who prepare the Title Commitment follow these tips.

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